GRiZ Releases First New Music in Over a Year, “It Gets Better” & “Can’t Get Enough”

If you have been following Grant Kwiecinski’s career over the last year plus, then you probably already know he’s been going through some of his own personal struggles. Following the release of his last full body of work Chasing the Golden Hour Pt. 2 last September, GRiZ basically disappeared from the public eye. He cleared all of his social media channels, and all we’ve heard from him since was in the form of two spoken word poems, “Till Next Time…Take Care” in February, and “No Signal” in August. The two poems spoke of the toxic effects technology and social media can have on an individual, and essentially acted as a way to let his fans know that we might not be hearing from GRiZ for a little while.

After a much deserved break that we can only hope resulted in Grant getting back to a better mental space, GRiZ is back with not one, but two new singles. “It Gets Better” is a sultry piano and saxophone based jam featuring DRAM on the verses with a children’s choir providing the hook–a unique inclusion that GRiZ has used in the past (Hear: The Anthem).

“Can’t Get Enough” features GRiZ’s vocals on his own track for the first time along with a bluesy rhythm and a heavier glitchy drop. The two tracks provide a nice and contrasting range of sounds for the two types of GRiZ fans: the newer fans who dig the funkier more saxophone based beats, and the veteran fans of the heavier so called “old shit.” GRiZ has been teasing a Facebook Live Stream for these releases for the last few days on his social channels and website, but nobody knew for sure exactly what the Live Stream would contain. Now that the stream has concluded, GRiZ surprised us all with lyric videos for each tune, in addition to an interview with the man himself. You can see both videos below.

The next question for GRiZ fans is, what comes next? Fans know (or seem to believe) an album is completed or at least close to it, but have no indication of when it will come. Will these singles be on the album or is this a standalone double release? While there are many questions and little answers at this point, for now you can enjoy the first taste of GRiZ in over a year. You can stream and download “It Gets Better” and “Can’t Get Enough” below.

It Gets Better / Can’t Get Enough | Download