Fehrplay – Rosebud EP

“There cannot be light without the dark.” Fehrplay toys with this philosophical question with his latest release Rosebud EP. Norway’s finest continues his run of phenomenal form with the two-track release. The tracks come to us via his very own Mood of Mind label. The progressive house master releases these two stunners in follow-up to recent tracks ‘Fantome‘ and ‘Zeitgeist.’

It’s no secret that Above & Beyond absolutely love Fehrplay’s tunes. They were all too eager to share his latest creation on ABGT307:

The first track, ‘Rosebud,’ explores the light. With one of Fehrplay’s signature build-ups, the track maintains an even, yet uplifting pace. The deep percussive elements shine through at all stages, and a quirky beat shift keeps the listener on their toes. The powerful piano-synth evokes truly comforting feelings. Many fans feel that it takes them back to his earlier work. The beautifully crafted track fits well into Fehrplay’s bag of tricks.

The second track, ‘The Woods Are OK,’ takes a darker dive. With a slower, syncopated beat, it provides a stark contrast to ‘Rosebud.’ The track picks up pace and urgency as is plunges into the deeper sounds Fehrplay has to offer. Ambient chanting and soundscapes lead you into a strong release, both euphoric and pensive. Fehrplay shows great versatility on this track, and we cannot wait to hear it in one of his live shows.

Fehrplay continues to amaze while somehow staying relatively under the radar in mainstream circles. It is only a matter of time before the secret gets out, so you’d better get on board now.

Ferhplay’s Rosebud EP is available below through Spotify.

Fehrplay – Rosebud EP