Eric Prydz goes Undercover this Halloween as Cirez D

With all the big DJ’s getting into the Halloween spirit and donning costumes of various degrees. One can only assume Eric thought “You know what all the kids and other DJ’s are wearing costumes. I should do something too”. And then it hit him “I should go as Cirez D!. A dark techno alias is perfect for a spooky Halloween! Maybe I’ll drop a new EP too”. And so here we are, outcomes Eric donning his (almost iconic?) blue baseball hat and his black crew neck tee………… wait a minute that’s what he always looks like.

In all fairness, none of which I just said probably ever happened (don’t get your hopes up for a Cirez D EP anytime soon). I assume Eric just popped up for a nice family photo with his wife and kids and have a bit of fun. It’s always great to see DJ’s spending some quality time with their families & loved ones. Far away from all the stress and hectic routines of a touring DJ. Especially since Eric just came back after delivering a stunning set at Escape. We hope the Prydz’s had a blast on Halloween and I hope you did too!

Eric dresses as Cirez D for Halloween 🎃 from ericprydz