Electric Forest Shrinks To One Weekend

Last year was the first time that Electric Forest expanded to two full weekends. However, Electric Forest is shrinking back down to one action packed weekend for 2019. E Forest will be commencing for one weekend on June 27th and continuing on until June 30th 2019. As always, this magical festival will take place in the gorgeous Rothbury Forest.

E Forest is a truly unparalleled music festival. There’s nothing quite like being out surrounded by nature’s gorgeous beauty. Not to mention the festival completely takes a turn for the best when the sun sets, lasers shooting through the trees completely illuminating the forest is a sight to be seen.

Electric Forest one weekendWristbands and lodging packages will go on sale at noon on Friday December 7. Also, six in the forest and four in the forest will take place on December 5. Last but definitely not least, The Good Life and GA loyalty will take place on December 6. Check out Electric Forest’s official website for more information.

See you in the forest june 27 – 30, 2019!