Dillon Francis & Alison Wonderland Tease Huge Collab at EDC Orlando

Alison Wonderland
It has been a little more than a month since Dillon Francis and Alison Wonderland announced a ‘baby’ collaboration that they were working on. At the time, people on Twitter exploded in the comment section due to their utter excitement. And now the hype is back again. A sneak peek of the trap duo’s ‘baby’ has been revealed at EDC Orlando this past weekend.

During Dillon’s set, he invited Allison to join him on stage for the special moment and tells the crowd:

“She’s the only friend that would come with me. We also have a new song that we want to play you. It’s not done yet, but right here I’ve goT Alison Wonderland, one of my FAVORITE people ever.”

In the video below, you get to listen to Alison’s wavy vocals before a monstrous bass drop hits which sounds like a perfect blend of both of their styles. For now, this is all we have so be sure to check back with EDMTunes for when the official collab comes out!