Relive Deadmau’s Full 2-Hour Printworks Set [VIDEO]

Everyone loves getting pictures and video of their favorite DJs on stage. Being able to relive the moment when your favorite artist drops one of their best tracks is a great feeling. And here’s one of those champions who took this to the highest level: Youtube user Sebastien Banner.

During Deadmau5‘s hyped-up performance at Printworks in London, Sebastien fought to the front of the crowd just to get an excellent recording of the set. And it’s not just snippets of the Mau5 performance. Banner recorded the entire two-hour set with a view that just can’t be beat.

Although many people commented on how packed the venue was and how they got pushed aside, Banner was a real trooper. You can see that throughout the video he is shoved around, tossed and turned, yet remains a stalwart presence at the front of the crowd. This kind of dedication is rare in any situation, but so much more impressive during a set like this.

Keeping still for so long is an impressive feat. Sebastien Banner, we salute you.  If anyone deserves to be labeled as fan of the year, it’s this guy!