Calvin Harris Says He Makes House Music Not Sad, Slow EDM

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Calvin Harris has been known to keep things real, especially via Twitter. Recently, the Scottish producer utilized this online news and social networking service to engage in a slew of exchanges with his army of fans. Trust us, the results were very intriguing.

Although this particular Q&A was unplanned, since it took place it’s certainly been welcomed with open arms in the electronic dance music community.

Curious fans asked the hard-hitting questions which included when the ‘One Kiss‘ DJ would be making his comeback into the EDM scene, what his musical background includes, if he would go back to his roots and perform with live instruments on stage, among much more.

The beloved musician reinforced his contagious charm by answering in complete honesty. As the world of music rejoices, check out his replies below – or you’ll be “out of the bubble” like Harris stated that he is…