Amazon Music Reveals Voice Enabled Alexa-Powered New Music Notifications

Amazon Music Reveals Voice Enabled Alexa-Powered New Music Notifications Alexa can now help you stay up to date with your favorite DJs. Amazon has just released another voice-enabled trick you can use with Alexa. Amazon music subscribers will now be able to ask Alexa to follow their favorite artists. Alexa will note that and when new music gets released by that artist she will notify you. When a new song drops a yellow light ring will appear on your Echo devices.

Notifications will also be available through Amazon Music mobile app. To use this new feature all you have to do is say “Alexa, follow Martin Garrix.” You can further request her to notify you when new tracks drop. They also updated their app to have this “follow” function available while listening to a song. They recently partnered with a few artists, including Future, to promote this new feature.

Amazon currently offers two music subscription services. Prime subscribers have access to Amazon’s Prime Music service. But, they have another service called Amazon Music Unlimited. The real biggest difference between the two is the music offered. Prime Music has about 2 million songs available while Amazon Music Unlimited has over 10 million songs and counting. Spotify and Apple Music dominate the music subscription industry. But, Amazon hopes this cool new feature will get some people to switch over.


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