Alesso’s Friend Injured in Hit and Run Accident – GoFundMe Page Created

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018, one of Alesso‘s beloved team members, Corentin, was a victim of a hit and run accident. He was crossing the street in Hollywood and was struck by a vehicle, resulting in a long list of extensive injuries.

Reports say that although the car quickly drove off, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) was able to get a clear picture of the license plate. An investigation is currently underway.

On November 8, 2018, the friend had to undergo an extensive brain surgery. He still remains in the ICU in critical condition. Following the operation, the on-duty doctor confirmed that Corentin suffered a brain hemorrhage, a ruptured spleen, a broken left leg, and a broken left shoulder blade. Not to mention the ten broken left ribs which resulted in extensive bruising to his lungs.

Alesso has recently reached out to his fans as his team is raising money so that their cherished friend can get the proper treatment for a full recovery. As one can assume, the health care doesn’t come cheap.

With the goal of raising $250,000, an official GoFundMe page has been set up. Any contributions help!

We would like to take a moment to wish Alesso, his team, and ultimately, Corentin, strength during this difficult time.


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On Tuesday, November 6, our friend Corentin was a victim of a hit & run accident. Corentin was hit by a car as he was crossing the street in Hollywood. The car took off but LAPD is investigating as we were able to get a clear picture of the license plate Nobody deserves to suffer like Corentin right now but especially him. Corentin is one of the most loving and positive people in the world. As of today, November 8, Corentin remains in ICU in critical condition after having brain surgery yesterday. This is what the doctor told us: – He had brain bleeding. – 10 Broken Ribs In left side (a lot bruising in lungs) – Rupture Spleen – Left broken shoulder blade – Left broken leg He will be in the ICU for at least 7 days. We won’t know how he is going to be. They are monitoring hour by hour. He gave thumbs up which is positive. We are raising money so Corentin can get the treatment to help him full recover and be able to move and think like he was before this accident. LINK IN MY BIO TO DONATE! Thank you.

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