50 Cent Playing Above & Beyond in a Maybach is Everything

Curtis Jackson, more famously known as 50 Cent, is living proof that hip-hop is as much a lifestyle as it is a type of music. He was a star in the underground mix-tape circuit for several years, but the rest of the world did not hear about him until 2002, when his first single, “Wanksta,” appeared on the ‘8 Mile‘ film soundtrackEveryone knows of 50 as the guy who grew up on the streets of New York, survived being shot nine times, and for his rags-to-riches life story.

Above & Beyond, on the other hand, a British trio, is one of the most successful trance acts of the 2000s. Above & Beyond is known for their production and remix work, as well as their DJ performances and record labels, Anjunabeats and AnjunadeepJono GrantTony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki are maestros at crafting that elevational moment of communal emotion with their beautiful compositions of music.

Surely, they’re an unlikely collaboration, right? Well, maybe not.

In a tweet yesterday, 50 Cent shared a video of the interior of his stunning new Mercedes-Maybach S650. The high-end details in the interior make up only a part of the vehicle’s special characteristics. The car itself goes 0 to 60 in 4.6 seconds, includes a 6.0L bi-turbo V-12 engine, and equipped with 621 horsepower. It comes with a starting price tag of $198,700.

In a car like this, what would be the first song you’d play? For 50, it was Above & Beyond. Yup, that’s right. More specifically, it was “Cold Feet“, which features vocals from “Alright Now” collaborator, Justine Suissa. He even says himself, “this is the music you play in the Maybach”. It’s invigorating rhythm mixed with Justine’s soothing voice is truly perfect on its own. Imagine hearing it in a Maybach?

What makes this story even better is Paavo’s reply to the tweet saying, “nice music taste mate :)”. Does this mean a possible collaboration in the future? Probably not, but this made our, and definitely Paavo’s, day. We applaud your taste in music, 50.