Ultra Mexico Attendees Complain After Multiple Issues Arise

Ultra has had a tough month no matter how you slice it. First Miami made moves that could force Ultra Miami to relocate. Then Ultra was found to be in breach of contract regarding Ultra Europe. Now as Ultra Mexico takes place this weekend many attendees are taking to social media to complain about issue with the event.

It all started when Ultra Mexico had to announce a delay in the opening times.

Dear ULTRA family, due to numerous factors, including the severe weather conditions, it has been necessary to delay the opening of ULTRA Mexico 2018. Despite the delay, the festival is scheduled to end at 3:00 AM CDT. The safety and well-being of our fans, artists and people is our highest priority. We will provide updates periodically as they become available. We appreciate your support and understanding. 

Reportedly, severe rains caused the build out of the festival to be delayed. Online fans have complained that the stages looked incomplete even upon entering. For example, the Main Stage is missing the signature U logo up top that graces the main stage at every Ultra Festival. The delay meant that for day 1, only 3 DJs performed on the main stage. We’re told the U has been attached for Day 2.

Beyond that the festival was using a cashless payment system, but the cashless sytem was down leaving attendees with no way to make purchases or get a refund of the money. The Reddit thread below is just one small example of the posts appearing on Facebook and Reddit concerning issues with the event. Did you go to Ultra Mexico? Tell us your experience in the comments.

What’s happening to Ultra Mexico? from r/UMF