Tchami’s CONFESSION label drops Alchemy III


When you think of future and bass house, the first producer that often comes to mind is Tchami. The French DJ has been throwing down fire sets for years, with a unique sound that has immensely impacted dance music. His CONFESSION label has just dropped ‘Alchemy III.’ This one features some funky tunes along with some seriously hard-hitting ones. The first of the Alchemy series was first released in 2017 to showcase up and coming artists signed to the label. The third addition features some stellar artists like Honey & Badger, Sonny Banks & Back2Black, and Rootkit. The talent EP proves once again to be the gold standard of house.

Alchemy III kicks off with CONFESSION newcomers Honey & Badger and their track “Belga.” It’s a groovy, jazzy house track that will get your feet moving. It gives a retro, yet modern vibe at the same time. The second song is Indox’s “House Party” which features a heavy beat that’ll get people moving no matter where you bump it. I find it to be a great shuffling song.

The next track is a bass house banger. “Tear Out” has some big bass pulses throughout. Syskey brings us a more vocal song in nature with “NRG”. It has some nice drum snares throughout the big down beat created by the bass.

Tony Romera produced the most chill track out of the six. “Canicule” fits well into any summary playlist and can put a smile on anyone’s face – it brings some upbeat, fun beats along with it. To conclude this talent-filled album comes Rootkit with “Take that Shot.” This one has a massive bassline and is definitely is the most hard-hitting track in the album.

If you like what Tchami has produced in the past, this volume is perfect for you. All six tracks are distinct from one another and will pull in any dance music fan. You gotta give this one a listen below!