SWU Releases Heavy Trap Instrumental “Gemini”


SWU – Gemini

Up-and-coming DJ and producer, SWU, released a hard-hitting trap single ‘Gemini‘. The producer from California has taken a turn in to something that is set to rattle dancefloors after releasing melodic singles such as ‘Lunar‘ and ‘Mulholland Drive‘.

Gemini starts off with a melodic pluck and a signature SWU 808 breakdown. Furthermore, it transitions into the buildup which introduces the heavy brass lead. The hard-hitting drop and incredible bassline will make anyone get a burst of energy. The second drop gives the listener an Arabic vibe. Overall, it is a solid production that delivers pure trap.

Gemini is a must listen for those who love big drops and need a boost in their day. Keep an eye out for this unique producer as he keeps on growing and delivering anthems. Check out his single down below: