Spotify Introduces New “Spotify for Podcasters” Feature

Spotify has been rolling out many new features recently. Last month it was Spotify for Artists. This month, it’s Spotify for Podcasters. The feature, currently in open beta, allows (almost) anyone to list their podcast on Spotify.

Podcasts are already available on Spotify, but the selection has previously been extremely limited – it was only top-tier productions that were published. But with this new feature, pretty much anyone can have their chance to get heard.

It does, however, work differently than Spotify for Artists. Whereas Spotify for Artists allows for the direct upload of songs, podcasters must have their podcasts hosted elsewhere. It relies on the already existing RSS feed to work.

So, why opt-in? As soon as it’s uploaded, it’ll be updated on Spotify – which means it’ll be available to the millions of people who use the site instantly.

Podcasters will have access to multiple episode stats. They also plan to roll out new features over time with user feedback.

“This will easily make them available to our audience of more than 180 million listeners around the world, and allow podcasters to see daily stats about who is listening and from where…great tools to help learn more about and grow audiences.”

The sign up process is very straightforward, paste your RSS feed, describe your show, and submit. There is some sort of evaluation process for new podcasts, which makes sense – but if you have a podcast and you’re looking to grow your audience, why not try?

On the other hand, if you’re a listener without your own podcast and you’re looking for something to listen to, there are plenty of new options being uploaded right now.