SoundCloud & TIDAL Will Now Integrate With DJ Mixing Software

With this years Amsterdam Dance Event in full swing, a surprise announcement came today that will undoubtedly change the future of live Dj’ing in the years to come. Serato, Native Instruments, Virtual DJ, and other DJ software will soon be able to play tracks directly from Soundcloud’s library. With Serato users getting another extra dose, as it will feature TIDAL integration as well.

SoundCloud is tying this new feature with their GO+ subscription model. They outlined their course of action in this message to the platform’s creators:

“We’re partnering on integrations with six leading companies to bring streaming to DJ applications so that for the first time ever, you can mix SoundCloud’s massive catalog directly through your performance software.
To create a set using your SoundCloud collection, all you need is your Go+* premium content subscription (that now gives you access to high-quality audio) and one of the below DJ applications:
  • Native Instruments
  • Serato
  • Virtual DJ
  • DEX3
  • Mixvibes
  • DJuced/Hercules
Integrations will begin rolling out over the next few months, so check back here for details. And in the meantime, keep growing your collection so you have plenty of tracks on deck for when you play your next set.”
In case you don’t have a GO+ subscription, you can start a 30-day trial and take advantage of SoundCloud’s full catalog spanning over 200 million tracks, offline sync, no advertising, and high-quality streaming at AAC 256kbps.

Serato also announced in their press release about their integration with TIDAL along with SoundCloud. While TIDAL is definitely not the most popular streaming platform. It has made a name for itself in providing very high fidelity audio quality (including lossless formats) compared to its competitors. Serato detailed this move in their press release:

” Serato also added TIDAL to its list of streaming partners. The company is unique as it delivers high fidelity audio files from a comprehensive catalogue of over 59 million songs. Serato DJ Pro and Lite users will need a TIDAL subscription to stream and can choose from a premium or HiFi membership. TIDAL’s HiFi tier features high fidelity and MQA sound quality. New customers are eligible for a free 30-day trial. More on
In addition, Serato users will get access to exclusive playlists curated by Serato. Each playlist will be updated monthly, ranging from warm-up selections to dancefloor bangers. “