A few weeks ago we reported that Skrillex had gotten together with Utada Hikaru to work on the theme song for the much anticipated popular video game, Kingdom Hearts 3. The American producer has just revealed on his social media the name and release date of this upcoming track.

According to his twitter post, the opening theme song for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be titled, “Face My Fears” and is scheduled to release next year on January 18th. This is exciting news for both fans of Skrillex and the Kingdom Hearts video game series. It also mentions that Skrillex has been a long time fan of the series.

The Kingdom Hearts series has been quite popular over the last 16 years and this chapter of the game series is probably the most anticipated to date due to the previous delays. It’s been about 13 years since the 2nd chapter of the series was released so you can just imagine the hype around the release of the third chapter.

Dance music fans also have reason to get excited for this as Skrillex always never ceases to amaze when he puts his touch on anything.

Are you excited for the track to be released? Will you be picking up the game as well when it drops January 29th, 2019?