RL Grime To Play B2B With Alison Wonderland At Sundara Music Festival

RL Grime B2B Alison Wonderland Set For Sundara

If there’s anything you should be excited for at Sundara Festival, it’s RL Grime playing back to back with Alison Wonderland. In a world where independence is rare, these two surely stand out above it. The festival promises two unique sets from each artist but a mashup like this surely is worth the watch. Fans on Reddit have already begun to voice their opinions.

Australian electronic dance music sweetheart, Alexandra Sholler, has taken us down the rabbit hole with her music over the years. Her eclectic style has captivated us and if you’ve ever had the chance of seeing her perform, you know what we mean. Couple her with Los Angeles producer, Henry Steinway, and you could get some serious damage.

 Some say this is an odd pairing as the two artists don’t usually interact with each other.

But the dance music world is full of surprises and it’s about showcasing talent right? Music heals and brings people together, which is what Sundara also aims to do.

When Grime brings the hip-hop, electro, and bass, Wonderland will surely follow with her digital pop full of sonic, vocal, and emotional talent. As what will be an immersive experience with favorite artists and an incredible location, we look forward to seeing this set.

Speculations of this event happening are still running as ticket prices are through the roof. But it is an all-inclusive package for handpicked talent, daytime parties, and late night fun. Unlimited food and drinks plus a ton of beach activities await you. Details of the event can be found here along with a limited number of packages.

As we wait anxiously for this to succeed, what are your thoughts on this duo performing?