While Plastikman may sound like a fictitious character that steals souls (and plastic) it’s actually Richie Hawtin‘s alter ego. Hawtin, known for his techno beats and love for sake, recently confirmed via Twitter that his moniker has a new album on the way.

However there is a caveat. We’ll have to wait for his immersive show CLOSE to finish in 2019. His hybrid show of analog and digital will travel to Paris, Glasgow, Tokyo and Brooklyn from November to December.

Since the 90’s, Hawtin has been a huge influence in the world of techno music and his Plastikman alter ego has been along for the ride the whole time. While Hawtin is ambient techno, Plastikman is more of an acid house vibe. This upcoming album would be the seventh under the Plastikman name.

If you want to read more about Richie Hawtin, check out his Resident Advisor biography for a more in-depth look on the growth of Hawtin and his moniker. And stay tuned for Plastikman.