New Thomas Bangalter Track Teased by French Label

thomas bangalter

Thomas Bangalter, one half of the iconic French duo Daft Punk, has a new track that was teased recently. It’s called ‘Riga (Take 5)’. The French label, Ed Banger, posted a snippet of the song on Instagram.

The track is taken from the original soundtrack of the Latvian film ‘Riga (Take 1)’. According to the Instagram post, the full length of the song is over 14 minutes long.

The teaser, which is only one minute, sends us back in time. The fact that the song was recorded in only one take only adds to that. This pulsing techno beat that we hear is fantastic.

There is no telling when, or if, we will ever get the full 14 minutes. But even just that one minute was more than enough to get us wanting more.

The song is out there somewhere on a limited edition, one-sided, 12″ blue vinyl. If anyone gets their hands on one of those, let us know. And please, definitely share.