Miami City Commission Votes for Further Restrictions on Bayfront Park

Fans of Ultra Music Festival are already down and now the Miami City Commission is kicking them once again. Just two weeks after voting down Ultra Music Festival’s contract for Bayfront Park, the Commission unanimously agreed to limit outside events at Bayfront Park in a preliminary vote.

The ordinance would reserve Bayfront park for the general public for 85% of the year. That means 55 days are reserved for private events, however build/clean time would also count. We already know Ultra takes around 20 days to build out, so you can quickly see how this will affect Ultra. Besides Ultra, Rolling Loud has once used the park and numerous concert tours use the space throughout the year.

The “get off our lawn” neighbors say big festivals don’t belong at the park and leaves it unusable to them during build and tear down. Last year Bayfront Park was off limits for 115 days during the year. A final vote will take place at a future meeting. Where does Ultra go from here? At this point it’s anybody’s guess.