Martin Garrix & Blinders – Breach

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix & Blinders – Breach

Martin Garrix has finally released his track with Blinders called ‘Breach’. He’s been playing this one since Tomorrowland 2018 (July) and now it’s here for us to enjoy.

This song is beautiful. It throws you immediately in with synths that get your heart racing. Then it steadily adds in the beat followed by the classic build up. And where you think the beat is going to drop, it explodes into a chorus of strings. It’s so unexpected that you’re left speechless.

It has two builds like that. Where the anticipation grows and both times your expectations of a huge drop are subverted by strings. Though the song is short, it doesn’t feel predictable. You expect the second build up to finally release the bass. But it doesn’t.

That’s the real power of ‘Breach’. It defies expectations while still being catchy and fun to dance to. It is a truly enjoyable song.

This song is the first of five that have been teased on Garrix’s website for his forthcoming EP ‘Plus’.