Kygo Launches Label Alongside Manager Myles Shear

Palm Tree RecordsKygo Launches Palm Tree Records

It is most musicians dream to make it big, but sometimes that isn’t enough. There are a few who are content with just breaking the mainstream or even just having a steady stream of gigs. There are others who want to do more, those who want to find new talent, who want to expand their sound, and grow their team. From the looks of it, Norway‘s Kygo is of the latter group.

It was recently announced that Kygo, together with his manager Myles Shear, has started a record label. In a partnership with Sony Music Entertainment, the DJ/Manager duo have created their new label imprint Palm Tree Records.

Palm Tree Records

The label is part of a bigger plan by the two to develop a one-stop shop for emerging artists which will also include their newly launched artist management company. When speaking on the news of the new label, Kygo had this to say:

 “I’ve always been very fond of working with talented, undiscovered artists in my own releases. It’s been an amazing process to watch these artists grow and now I’m able to help projects I love by offering a label and management service with an incredible team.”

At the moment, Palm Tree Records will only be focusing on management and the label aspect of things. It should be noted that Shear shared his vision for the future. In it, he states that he sees the company:

“getting into television, headphones and content creation, among other areas […] Kyrre and I can build an empire together, and this is an ‘open for business’ sign.”

This is definitely an optimistic mindset, and it will be interesting to see how things go for the new record label. Just judging from Kygo’s music alone, this project should be a success. I look forward to hearing the music and artist that will be put out by Palm Tree Records.