JOYRYDE & Skrillex – Agen Wida


AGEN WIDA – Joyryde & Skrillex

Skrillex is back in action, and this time he is teaming up with Joyryde. In their newest release, the two producers team up to bring us an eccentric house-based track. AGEN WIDA‘ is the first song from Joyryde’s forthcoming album ‘Brave‘. ‘Brave’ is set to be released on November 30th, 2018. This also marks the the first time we’ve heard from the OWSLA label head Skrillex in quite a while.

‘AGEN WIDA’ is an action-packed tune by these two dance titans. Within the three minute & 19 second long track, we get a chance to hear the trademark styles of these two power producers. It should be noted that this is Joyrydes first full project since being signed to OWSLA.


The track starts off quickly with an impact and a 4/4 kick drum. We get a couple of bass samples, along with the vocals of ‘AGEN WIDA’, and its after this that the fun starts. Just like any other Skrillex track, this one is hard to describe. While the track stays pretty uniform throughout the first half, it is at 1:55 that things go haywire. At this point the beat switches up and we are presented with what reminds me of some Jungle Terror. This track is pretty good, to the point that I think even Wiwek would be jealous. This is definitely one I can’t wait to hear out live. The track is out now, and can be streamed below.

AGEN WIDA – Joyryde & Skrillex | DOWNLOAD