[Interview] Throttle Shares About New Release and Craziest DJ Moments

Between the craziness of Amsterdam Dance Event parties, Throttle took the time to answer some of our questions about his new release ‘Wanderlust’ on Spinnin’ Records and more. The Australian DJ/producer, who’s known for his killer throwback remakes and funk induced future house hits, took a bold new direction with ‘Wanderlust’ that proved to be extremely rewarding. He talked about his original influences that continue to inspire him as well as the emotional direction he took for this song. On top of that, we got a chance to ask about some of his craziest DJ moments and what life is like with such a large fanbase.



Can you tell us about your new release and what inspired it?

Sure, it’s called Wanderlust. It was released last Friday. It’s probably the most emotional song I’ve done to date, I’d say.

It’s a little bit different vibes than what you usually do, yeah?

It is, yeah. It’s still got that funky vibe but it’s certainty more emotional than a lot of good stuff I’ve done in the past. And that’s kind of the vibe we’re focusing on now is more emotional stuff.

Nice, is there any particular reason for that?

It’s just kind of the music I’m into right now and that’s the stuff that I really love. Which is the more Madeon, when I started producing, that got me into more emotional stuff.

Would you say he’s one of your bigger influences?

Yeah, I mean maybe not now but when I first started.

Who were some of your other influencers too?

Tons, most of mine are actually out side of the EDM world, to be honest. Like Billie Eilish, love. Anything kind of in that world, I guess. SZA, I love too, more R&B, of course. In the electronic world, I guess Madeon and Porter, two big influences. I love Rezz.

How many times do you listen to your same track before you end up release it?

A thousand.

Do ever get so sick of your track, or like “I hate this now”?

Yeah, I find that if a song’s good enough to listen to a thousand times and still be able to bare it, then it’s good enough to put out. Even if you get insecure about it in the end, if you listen to any song a thousand times over, it’s going to change in your ears, but if you still like listening to it and there’s something that surprises you, it is good to release.

Who are your main people you go to for feedback, when you are too much in your head?

Don Diablo I send a lot of stuff too, Oliver Heldens, Kungs cause we have a song together of course, CID all the time.

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you, when you’re on tour or been djing?

Probably the police shutting down a frat party. That was last August, I think, FIJI at Georgia Tech. I was playing at their frat house and I lasted 40 minutes I think, before the police shut it down. It was insane… Like an undercover cop, who was underaged came in, saw that there was underaged drinking. So, the cop was, I don’t know, 19 or 20 and started arresting the bartenders. Shut the whole thing down.

It was on fight night too, like McGregor. It was insane and they shut the whole thing down. The guy comes up to me and is like “turn it off”. I was like, uh….

So naturally, you turned it up?

Haha no I was like, “I’ll turn it down a little bit” and he’s literally like “No, cut it now!” Cause it was in a frat house, so the frat house was shaped like this, with balconies on each side aAnd then there’s blue and red lights like around the whole thing. I was like, “oh, s***.”

Alright, what is the craziest thing, when you think of crazy, that a fan has said to you?

I haven’t had too many crazy things, honestly. I mean, I get drawings, which is nice. No, I mean nothing really crazy, honestly, mostly kind of nice stuff. Maybe I’m not one of the fav to get like a finger nail or something. Haha I don’t know what people get. I’ve heard of people who have gotten a hair before.

What are your pet peeves in the music industry?

In the music industry, I would say people not exploring when they make music. Like as in, is they just staying very much with the format. Especially when you tour you see, and I feel like people who are big have such a big platform. They’re able to create music that’s different, but I feel like people often get lazy.

Do you ever feel pressured to stay within the format?

No, I don’t think so. I feel like I just have a bit of a duty to make music that’s outside of the box and I feel like we all do. Just to push the boundaries, otherwise, with dance music will just forever stay where it is.

Are you ever afraid to push boundaries?

No, I don’t think so. I mean I’ve seen sometimes, what a bad influence when I do, but yeah it’s worth it, I think. Keeps me sane.

If you were going to collab with anyone right now, who would it be? EDM and Non-EDM

Skrillex for sure and Billie Eilish.


Stream ‘Wanderlust’ Below: