Google Maps Reveals New Musical Feature

Google Maps new features are cutting down morning stress. The app brings a quick access to your music while driving rather than having to switch back and forth between apps. Now, you are a click away to your music, and it’s an enormous advantage knowing that you can keep your eyes on the road. 

With the new easy to use navigation, you have the ability to manage Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music. Now you can control your playlists, albums, podcasts or any of your favourite content through Google Maps. Voice control, however, is not yet available.

Some of the new features include Compressive commute information with multiple route options and mixed-mode commutes. For example, if you are driving to the train station to take the train downtown and then walking to work, this new feature will tell you in real-time the transit information, delay reports, traffic accidents, and train-schedules. It will even tell you how long it’ll take to walk, giving users the exact duration of their travel, thus allowing you to plan ahead. Also the navigation will show you a better and faster way to get through your destination. All of this while listening to your favourite music.

For more information about it you can visit: Google Keywords