Getter Gets Real With His Fans In Reddit AMA

Getter AMA With the recent release of his emotive album ‘Visceral‘ Getter took to Reddit earlier today to answer questions from his fans. The 25 year-old producer has been outspoken when it comes to his struggles with mental illness, and his latest album is a reflection of his pain. Going through this AMA, it’s clear that Getter has matured a lot and holds a deep love for his fans. Here’s a round-up of some of “Uncle Getter’s” answers:

  1. His live shows will have a whole new look that’s “next level cool”

    Getter AMA

2. He can’t choose a favorite song off of ‘Visceral’

Getter AMA3. He owns up to his faults & misses Dillon Francis
Getter AMA
4. Uncle Getter definitely doesn’t go to the same In-N-Out we do..
Getter AMA


5. Tanner isn’t boxing himself in to any style of music

Getter AMA

6. He really appreciates his fans understanding his music is evolving…also less hangovers=more brain activity!
Getter AMA

7. His infamous vlogs aren’t coming back anytime soon.

Getter AMA8. He and his friends have a metal band called “DISCIPLES OF THE RAM” and may or may not post a single.

Getter AMA 9. His top tips for aspiring producers is to raise the bar, and establish your brand and how you carry yourself.

Getter AMA 10. All in all, Getter has been through a lot but seems to have come out the other side a wiser, stronger and more compassionate person.

Getter AMA

We’re excited for you Getter and glad you’ve found your way!

You can read the rest of the thread here.