Facebook Messenger’s New Simplified Update Is Coming

Nowadays our favorite go-to applications are often bombarded with unnecessary pop-ups, ads and even little apps we don’t tend to use. Facebook‘s messenger app had been guilty of that and is now looking to change things around and make the app a bit simpler with Facebook Messenger 4.

The new interface for the application is now organized into three different sections, Chats, People and Discover. Chats, lists your individual and group messages in chronological order. People shows your friends and their published stories for you to message and view and Discover is where Facebook has tossed in all that extra stuff that cluttered up the app before such as games and business contacts.

With this update you will also soon be able to change the color of the chat bubbles and a dark mode is also being worked on to be included in the near future.

Facebook Messenger 4 has rolled out for some beginning last month but it was a small subset. Now the update is rolling out “globally over the coming weeks,” beginning today.