Dyrisk Ignites Emotions With New Single “Whispers”

DyriskFriday was a significant day for Norwegian singer-songwriter Dyrisk who had his third single go online with American record label Tipsy Records. His brilliant acoustic house song titled “Whispers” has been greatly anticipated since his first two songs reacted so well. This is the first release in which Dyrisk is exclusively appearing on the track since he already has collaborations under his belt with talented producers such as Flyboy and Nik Ernst. The song is already streaming on official playlists like Spotify’s carefully curated New Music Friday Norway playlist and Amazon Music’s fantastic Chill House playlist.

‘Whispers’ is a massively melodic, relaxing single. Beginning with a dreamy guitar that grows into chill and effective drops on top of a pleasant house structure. Calm plucks and selective piano notes chime in showing how particular it must have been to make and decide to use those sounds. Less is truly more and Dyrisk has hit pretty close to home making an emotional song full of longevity. He sounds like pure perfection and you should expect nothing less from him when it comes to his music. Follow Dyrisk on Spotify for more music!

Choose your preffered platform here. https://ffm.to/whispers