Dillon Francis is Waxing “ZEDD” Into His Chest Thanks to Twitter

Dillon FrancisIt seems Dillon Francis is going to wax “ZEDD” into his chest soon. Why? Well, because it’s Dillon Francis of course. On October 9th, he tweeted a photo of himself shirtless “10k RT’s i’ll wax ZEDD into my chest.”

No one is really sure what prompted this idea. But we aren’t really surprised by it either.

The picture did seem to lose steam on the 10th, which prompted Zedd himself to campaign for retweets.

Less than an hour after that, it hit its goal, and it seems that Mr. Francis has a wax in his future. He promised that he would film it next week and that Zedd would be holding his hand the entire time. Because why not?

The Fortnite and Twitch star, Ninja, also retweeted the photo to help get it to its goal. Maybe he and Francis will be sporting matching wax jobs when they are together for TwitchCon? It wouldn’t be the weirdest thing that has happened.