Dillon Francis Releases Second Music Video For ‘White Boi’

Dillon Francis just released his second music video for his hit track ‘White Boi’. Dillon had partnered with Pizzaslime to produce the video but had left it aside and ultimately forgot about it. He then decided to produce a music video that features the singer of he track, Lao Ra, as the core performer.

Now a whole month after the release of his original music video, Dillon and his team discovered the archived video and decided to release it as the second music video to ‘White Boi’. Rather than releasing it under the same old title, Dillon reached out to his followers to help come up with a clever title for the video. After long debate over the countless fan submitted suggestions, Dillon decided that the most suiting title for the video would be “WHITE BOI DOES WHAT!?!?!? (NOT CLICKBAIT)(GONE SEXUAL)“. Could it possibly get any more Dillon Francis than this?

You can check out the second music video produced by Dillon and Pizzaslime below now.