Petition Created for Fencing Along Overpass After Das Energi Tragedy

das energi

A Das Energi attendee was killed this summer when he fell from a highway overpass near the festival. A Change petition has been started to stop this from happening again.

The petition, backed by UDOT, is calling for protective fencing to be placed around the bridge where the unfortunate death occurred.

“The purpose of this letter is to request that protective fencing be installed on the UT-202 overpass bridging I-80 in Magna, Utah. Approximately 200 feet on the west side and east side of this stretch of road should be fenced.”

The petition states that this overpass bridge is within 200 yards of Das Energi. The site is a major tourist attraction.

It also says that this accident is not the first that has occurred in this area, and this will certainly not be the last unless the proper changes are made.

Ohio and Pennsylvania have recognized a similar problem in their states and have taken steps to fix them. “Now is the time for Utah to follow suit” states the petition.

The petition has almost 3000 signatures. Sign it and share it to keep our fellow festival goers safe.