Black Eyed Peas Accused of Plagiarizing in Recent Single

There’s a fine line between taking inspiration and straight ripping off. R&S Records has accused Black Eyed Peas of crossing that line.

Black Eyed Peas released a two-part single back in late August called ‘Constant’. It’s catchy and transforms from slow R&B to dance about halfway through. And it’s the dance part that is now under scrutiny.

Around 2:41 of ‘Constant’ it starts to sound remarkably similar to Lone’s hit song ‘Airglow Fires’ which was released through R&S in 2013. Today, R&S tweeted about this similarity. “Sound familiar?” they said, then followed up by calling the Black Eyed Peas “total rip off merchants”, which is honestly a great insult.

If you take a listen, the similarity is undeniable. But can you blame them? ‘Airglow Fires’ was incredibly successful. So much so that it earned itself a “How To” video on YouTube. Perhaps they were just following the tutorial given to them, and liked the way it sounded.

There is currently no response from Black Eyed Peas about the accusation.

Take a listen below and hear for yourself the similarities.