Mike Posner Recorded Unused Vocals for Avicii’s “Levels”

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Mike Posner recently got down to our ‘Levels‘ by addressing the fact that he recorded unused vocals for the late Avicii‘s classic track.

The simple and melodic piece has remained a classic in the world of electronic dance music. The Swedish producer’s use of Etta James‘ haunting vocals from her 1962 chart-topping hit ‘Something’s Got A Hold Of Me‘ perfected the song, and ultimately, resulted in a true masterpiece.

Although it comes as no surprise that Mike Posner and Tim Burgling, better known by his stage name Avicii, shared a special friendship, what may be shocking for most to discover is that the American singer-songwriter was almost featured as the vocalist on the iconic track.

In a recent radio interview with New York’s Alt 92.3, the 30-year-old musician elaborated about his relationship with the late musical genius, and trust us, it goes beyond taking a pill in Ibiza.

“Tim always liked my stuff and my writing. So he would always — every 6 months or so — send me some tracks he was working on, and ask me to write to them. He actually sent me ‘Levels.’

The ‘Song About You‘ artist continues to explain that he recorded “like six toplines” because he “couldn’t get them right.”

“They weren’t that good, that’s why he didn’t use them,” he jokes. “I mean, they were good but not, like, the thing, which is…90 percent of what I do is just not useable.”

Curiosity will always dominate now that this recent fact has been revealed. Do you believe that Posner’s vocals would have left as much of a lasting impression as Etta James’?