Prior to Avicii‘s unfortunate death, the Swedish producer planned to release loads of new music and new material. We found out just a few days ago about the 10 tracks he recorded with Nile Rodgers. Today, we found out about what would have been a potential collaboration with a well known lead singer from the band Bon Jovi.

Avicii was planning on making a song with Jon Bon Jovi from r/avicii

In a minute and a half long clip uploaded by Reddit user sandwichesareevil, Jon Bon Jovi is interviewed and spoke on meeting up with Avicii to potentially work on a song.

He mentions that while the attempt was made to bring the song to life, things didn’t go to plan. Jon stated that the Swedish producer didn’t have all the tools necessary to change some elements of the song. The two artists ended up just spending the afternoon together. Sadly, nothing came of the meeting.

Would you all have been excited to have seen a Bon Jovi and Avicii collaboration come to life?