Apple Just Killed the Lightning Port – Here Comes USB-C

Without barely a blip in the news today, Apple made a huge move for gadget lovers. It killed the Lightning plug on its iPads, adopting the universal USB-C port. It’s finally ditching its holdout proprietary connector and joining the rest of the world in the future with USB-C. If you own a new iPad, a new Macbook, recent Android phone or Windows laptop you will only need one cable for it!

The USB-C cord does power, video, audio, and data all in one small reversible plug. This is the signal many have been waiting for, to show Apple was ready for the big swap. You can expect Lightning ports to die on iPhones in the near future as well. Many reports indicate Apple will make a complete transition to USB-C, and with that we will finally live in a world with only one charger and cord for all devices. So Apple users start stocking up on USB-C cords, and Android users can rejoice that they will finally stop being mocked for their USB-C chargers that their friends never have handy. Don’t worry Apple fanboys, USB-C is better and much cheaper than proprietary cables anyway. Get yours here.