Turn Your Favorite Album Into Artwork With This Kickstarter Campaign

A company named Sequence has launched a campaign on Kickstarter that lets you turn your favorite album into custom artwork. But it’s not the album cover that gets turned into art. Rather, it’s the actual songs on the album.

Sequence works by plotting the length of the tracks in an album and turning those lengths into an art print. Customers can choose any album by any artist out there for this. After the plotting, customers then choose the shape of the art print as either a block or a spiral and pick a color scheme for the artwork.

Additionally, the company offers a limited edition series of pre-printed artworks that feature the full discographies of 36 selected artists. These limited edition sets of dense artworks come signed and numbered and are available in 9 color schemes. Some of the artists in this set include Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Kraftwerk, Radiohead, and Daft Punk.

Michael Jackson’s full discography (L) and ‘Thriller’ (R). Photo cred: Sequence Kickstarter

These spectacular pieces would make amazing additions to any audiophile’s studio or living space. Check out the Kickstarter campaign here.