A Potential Avicii and Mike Posner Song Snippet Leaks

Mike Posner Pays Tribute to Avicii at Coachella 2018

An Avicii and Mike Posner Unreleased Track Surfaces

It’s been a little over 5 months since Avicii died. Artists are still constantly dedicating moments or entire sets to his honor, and his absence is still felt every day. More and more news about unreleased music, or other stories and memories leading to his death, seem to surface every single day.

Just a few weeks ago, we found out that an album’s worth of unreleased tracks was recorded by the late producer and Nile Rodgers before Avicii’s sudden death in April of this year. Now, there are more rumors of unreleased Avicii music, but this time, it’s with Mike Posner.

The two producers are no strangers to one another, as they had developed a close friendship throughout the years. After his passing, Mike Posner paid tribute to his friend with a performance of I Took A Pill In Ibiza at Coachella, with video footage of Avicii appearing on the big screen behind him. This time, the song is called “Change A Thang” and features the melody from “Forever Yours” (Avicii by Avicii).

Change A Thang – Avicii ft. Mike Posner (Snippet) from r/avicii

After doing a little bit of research, it appears that the website that leaked the track/snippet has been down since September. The website, Music Mafia, gained mainstream attention last year when it released two Kanye West tracks online before the album dropped. The Music Mafia site has been live since then, offering unreleased songs for sale with a bitcoin price attached to them.

Prior to last month, Music Mafia was selling hundreds of unauthorized tracks from a variety of artists like Hardwell and David Guetta. While the site was live, Music Mafia described itself as the place to get “songs from artists recorded years ago” and “exclusive beats from the biggest producers”.

The reliable nature of Music Mafia’s pirated leaks led to some speculation that the group may have been composed of industry insiders. Another theory was that hackers plugged into major label servers were behind the operation.

Whatever the case may be, this song sounds absolutely fantastic, and we hope it sees the light of day.