SoundCloud Update Finally Adds Personalized Weekly Playlists

Soundcloud has added a major feature to take on other music streaming service like Spotify and Apple Music. With your own SoundCloud Weekly Playlist, discovering new music will be easier than ever. With this new feature, each Monday, a new playlist will be created full of music you’re likely to enjoy. An algorithm carefully analyzes what you already listen to and picks out new artists and tracks you probably haven’t heard before.

 Yes, it’s practically the same thing as Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature but it’s something us SoundCloud users haven been wanting for awhile now. In addition, many artists update their own weekly playlists that they share with fans. In a press release, SoundCloud said:

“We know many of you love the thrill of the hunt – going down a musical rabbit hole and uncovering new tracks and artists to love,”… “But sometimes, you may want great music delivered to you auto-magically with no searching required.”

They hit it right on the nail. Finding new music is an enjoyable experience but often takes a lot of time and “skips”. Time will tell if this move by SoundCloud will push more users to their service but it is definitely a step in the right direction. You should be able to try out the new SoundCloud update now on either the mobile app or desktop site. Is their weekly Playlist something you will be using or will you be sticking with another streaming service?