Snails – The Shell (Remixes)

When Snails dropped his debut album The Shell last October, we all knew it was going to be good and chock-full of Snails’ signature head-banging, full-bass “vomitstep”. Eleven months later, his The Shell (Remixes) does not disappoint one bit.

Inviting some great artists and producers such as Kill the Noise, Space Jesus, and Soltan to remix his album, Snails was able to create a masterpiece of a remix album while still retaining his bass-heavy, dubsteppy signature sounds.

Some of my personal favorites from the album? Soltan’s interpretation of “Into The Light” brings in a mysterious middle-eastern vibe while still retaining that huge punch of bass and dubstep that Snails is known for.

Also, Svdden Death’s remix of “Smack Up” will make any dubstep lover find himself (or herself) moving their body and head-banging uncontrollably as they listen to this incredibly well-synthesized mix.

Coming up, you’ll be able to find Snails on tour all over the United States. In the meantime, check out the remixes here: