light up the sky

The Prodigy – Light Up The Sky

Long running and iconic English big beat electronica band The Prodigy are back with the next tease from their upcoming No Tourists album. ‘Light Up The Sky’ is a an energetic punk-electronic track accompanied by a frenetic, dark music video.

Hearkening back to quirks and familiar sound design of previous releases, ‘Light Up The Sky’ is both a refreshing release in the electronic scene, and a reminder that the pioneers led by songwriter Liam Howlett will always have a place in our industry.

The catchy intro leads into a heavy riff with aggressive punk drums, the lyric video showing a double decker bus speeding down a highway at night. Eventually the bus lead by a glowing-eyed conductor has a showdown against a horde of glowing-eyed humanoids, with no clear victor.

The Prodigy announced their new album in late 2017 with the single ‘Need Some1’, and debuted two other tracks on their tour, ‘Resonate’ and ‘Boom Tap’. After another album tease this past summer on their Instagram, it looks like they are finally gearing up to release a full album or EP soon.