Music: Not Impossible Gives The Deaf Community A New Live Music Experience

Music: Not Impossible

Music: Not Impossible is a groundbreaking piece of technology that aims to give the deaf community a new way to experience live music.

It was premiered at the Life Is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas, when a special concert for deaf and hard-of-hearing people gave these devices a test run. It consists of a vest, two wrist bands as well as ankle bands and wirelessly transmits the music being played into vibrations. It’s a completely unique sensory experience that works in real time.

The device was developed by Not Impossible Labs in a partnership with Avnet.  Together, they brought Not Impossible’s CEO, Mick Ebling‘s, vision to life:

“I wrote this story of a band performing and having the Deaf and hearing communities together. I literally wrote that story out about five years ago? Four years ago? And it’s happening almost verbatim tonight. So it feels almost surreal.”

After the concert, Deaf singer/songwriter Mandy Harvey was asked how it felt. She recalled that, “We were just experiencing music in one specific way, as a team. So it created this beautiful community.”

Music: Not Impossible uses the Lab’s Vibrotextile™ technology and are working to develop further for uses beyond entertainment. Avnet states that the partnership is continuing with something they call VibroHealth. Its goal is to “help improve many of the common symptoms of debilitating illnesses”.

There is no information yet about the cost or when this service will be available for the public. Hopefully, it’s affordable and widely accessible, as everyone should be able to experience the magic of live music.

Watch the full interview with Music: Not Impossible and Avnet below: