Marshmello Goes Undercover to Answer Fan Questions on Social Media

In an episode on “Actually Me”, a show by GQMarshmello took to social media to surprise some of his fans by going undercover and responding to their questions. “Actually me” is a popular show where celebrities go on the internet and interact with their fans. In typical Marshmello fashion he did not speak throughout the video and instead had a computer talk for him. If you do want to hear what he actually sounds like you can watch one of his live sets; here he is performing at Ultra this past March.

Throughout the video, he answered various questions from fans. We now know he uses in-ear monitors inside his mask to hear his music during shows. Overall, he made quite a few jokes about how he is in fact a Marshmello. Because he is sugary gelatin he doesn’t get hot while wearing the mask for hours and was also born in your local grocery store.

He also talked about the music he produces. He defined his music genre as super bounce and how it gets influence from super future bass. Marshmello noted that he even used his own vocals on his single ‘Alone’, and it took him 4 hours to produce. Check out the full video below now!