David Guetta Reveals Unreleased Track with Kid Cudi

Megastar DJ & producer David Guetta is known for his collaborations with popstars over the years. He is one of the biggest pioneers to bring dance music to mainstream.

In 2009, Guetta’s fourth studio album, ‘One Love‘ made him huge waves in the music industry. At the time, most people knew the album for compromising core elements of dance music with hip hop and R&B. One notable song is ‘Memories‘ featuring Kid Cudi which topped radio charts all around the world.

In a recent interview, Guetta revealed that he produced an unreleased track with Kid Cudi back in 2010. He goes on to tell about the time he met Cudi coincidentally on the same plane. They then decided to meet at the studio to create ‘Memories’ and the unreleased track. When asked about the track he says, “I still have it, it’s good.” We can now only hope this mysterious song sees the light of the day in the near future.

Although the release date for this Kid Cudi track is still unknown, fans can listen to his new album ‘7‘ which is out today.