Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May- Immortal Lover (In My Next Life Mix)

Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May- Immortal Lover (In My Next Life Mix)

It’s always a good day when we get new Andrew Bayer music. Today Bayer released the first club mix off his latest album In My Last Life. He chose the fan favorite ‘Immortal Lover’ as the first of the club mix series. Recently on Instagram, Bayer wrote an in depth note to his fans explaining his love for trance and downtempo music. He even acknowledged the difficulty of combining the two saying, “Bringing them together has been a challenge that has defined my journey as an artist”. Appropriately enough, he showcased his ability to combine the two with this powerful, uplifting, and soothing mix of ‘Immortal Lover’.


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Since I announced my album dates, a lot of people have been asking me how I intend to tour ‘In My Last Life’ as a DJ and I have two words for y’all: club mixes. My twin loves for trance and more downtempo, reflective music – whether folk, indie or electronica – has been no secret, but bringing them together has been a challenge that has defined my journey as an artist. On my last album ‘If It Were You We’d Never Leave,’ the worlds were even further apart. My club mix of ‘Need Your Love’ brought them together and it became one of the biggest tracks in my set for years. I thought I’d get round to taking other tracks from the album in that style but life took over… touring, A&B, Motzi, wine, Allan, this album. Whatever- it never quite happened. This time things were a bit different. I actually started on this album with one part of my brain already thinking through the club mixes, and there is also the benefit of these eight beautiful songs to play with (thank you Ali and Ane!!). Since the album’s release, I’ve been busy in the studio reworking a number of the tracks for #ABGT300 and the following tour… the first of which is my ‘In My Next Life’ rework of ‘Immortal Lover’. And it’s out this Friday on Anjunabeats. Enjoy. There’s A LOT more to come in Hong Kong. -AB x

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Andrew Bayer is definitively one of the best producers in all of dance music. His ability to create unique and ever-changing sounds is truly impressive. Bayer’s club mix of ‘Immortal Lover’ is indicative of his ability to manufacture artificial club sounds fused with melodic pieces of music. Opening up the club mix, Bayer breaks the track down at a minute in with a low bassline. The contagious vocals of Alison May queue in, bringing you to the heart pounding first drop. The drop is both rhythmic and grimey, giving off a truly dirty club sound. The break down that follows beautifully flows into what sounds like the album version of the track. As Alison vocals carry you once again, the uplifting drop comes in, blowing the listener away. This truly is an impressive fusion of club sound and downtempo melody.

Luckily, this seems like only the first of many club mixes Andrew Bayer will release from In My Last Life. Coming up for Mr. Bayer is ABGT 300 in Hong Kong, China only one week from today. We can’t wait to hear what he has in store for that set. In the meantime, check out the club mix of ‘Immortal Lover’ below.