‘Worlds’ By Porter Robinson Turns Four This Week

I remember seeing DJ-producer Porter Robinson for the first time at the Pomona Fox Theater. He played a live set and debuted some music from his ‘Worlds‘ album. Little did I know that it would blow up to be one of the biggest and best albums ever released in electronic music. That collection turned four years old today, but it feels timeless. Robinson gifted us with one of the best melodic and feels-y albums to date. But it has been adored over the years.

Inspired by his interest in the Japanese culture, Porter has generated a fascinating repertoire. We all melt when we hear the popular tracks ‘Sea of Voices‘, ‘Sad Machine‘, and all-time favorite, ‘Language‘. However, without the ‘Worlds‘ masterpiece, Robinson probably wouldn’t be as iconic or beloved as he is now. This is not to say that he is unimportant but this album really shows us what being true to ourselves is like. It shows us how we can make an impact in this world. It doesn’t get any more out of this world than ‘Worlds‘.

From heavy bass fueled complextro to a synth-pop chill wave, Porter has truly left an impact in the EDM Community. He channeled his own feelings of nostalgia and his interest in video games, anime and Vocaloids to create a treasury that will continue to be loved for many more years to come. This is what separates him from other DJs; his performances are so notable we are still talking about the first times we’ve seen him. His sincerity brings us beautiful soundscapes that are full of emotional depth and electronic grandeur. Good job, Porter! We stand by you until the end.

Relive the magic from the album below!

Porter Robinson – Worlds: