Timeflies – Little Bit (Feather Remix)

Timeflies – Little Bit (Feather Remix)

The American pop band Timeflies released their single ‘Little Bit‘ this past January. The fun and catchy song captured the attention of listeners with its good vibes. Now, upcoming artist Feather drops a remix and adds in his signature sounds. Featuring uplifting beats, Feather elevates the track and puts listeners at ease. You can simply bop your head to the dance/pop infused beats!

The remix begins similarly to the original except it has a faster tempo. The speed and synths work together to become a comforting tune. Next, The verses complement the track as it leads to the explosive drop. The drop itself is the main highlight because of its high synths and percussion sounds. Overall, the song will put you in a good mood with its exhilarated energy. Feather presents this remix with a free download which is now available.

Timeflies – Little Bit (Feather Remix) | Free Download

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