Preview Mathame’s Nothing Around Us EP

Mathame Nothing Around Us EP Mathame – Nothing Around Us EP

Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli of Mathame, are rumored to have begun their musical journey on the slopes of Mount Etna in Italy. Whether or not that’s true is hard to say, but hey- a cool story is a cool story. What we can say for sure is that these two brothers have a definitively unique sound that somehow fits right in with the entire Afterlife label. Their newest EP Nothing Around Us is out September 7 on vinyl, but the volcanic duo is giving us a sneak peak.

“The richly talented duo Mathame featured on the second Realm Of Consciousness compilation and have since been regulars in the sets of Tale Of Us with some sought-after, unreleased tracks. Their distinctive treatment of vocals marks their tracks out instantly, nowhere more so than on ‘Nothing Around Us’, with the cyber voice of the young Italian artist Lyke. The top quality production and original sound continue with the more understated ‘22’ and end with another prime example of Mathame’s vocal work, ‘Fade Into You’. This EP is a bold statement that crystallises the well-deserved excitement around Mathame.”

Mathame’s Nothing Around Us EP is out September 7.

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