Bayfront Park Amphitheater is one of Miami’s iconic performing arts venues. It will soon be getting quite the upgrade. In attempts to save energy and add a chic, two futuristic aesthetics will be added to it. Get ready for a halo ring of solar panels and a retractable roof.

On Thursday, Miami City Commission approved a no-bid contract to Florida Power & Light for the project, with an expected finish time by the Super Bowl in early 2020. In downtown, there is “going to be an iconic structure for the city,” Mayor Francis Suarez states.

Not only is this a modern twist to Miami, but the proposed contract doesn’t ask the city to build the structure either. The power company pays. Costs pose only a $10 annual license fee with power generated from FPL’s grid as well. Bayfront Park Management Trust has set aside $40,000 per year to operate the retractable roof and keep up routine maintenance.

Rumored to be one of the largest urban solar projects in the country, this is a big step. The solar ring is not a moneymaker for the city. It is the city’s symbol for green energy support. Has it piqued your interest yet? This little upgrade aims to encourage sustainability practices and awareness about the benefits of solar energy.

In addition to the ring of light, there will be solar panels installed on a large canopy along with seven solar trees added nearby to add shade to the venue.

These “trees” will be sprouting in parks around the city. Locations include Bay of Pigs Memorial Park, West End Park and Coral Gate Park. Miami Commission gave the go ahead for installation of the curved pole structures on Thursday.

With a retractable roof, rain no longer poses an issue for concerts and other events. Investing in solar is just the beginning for Miami.