In the ongoing war on drugs, one of the best ways to protect people is to catch those responsible for transporting the narcotics in the first place. Today, an Irish DJ received his prison sentence. Unfortunately it wasn’t for playing mediocre tunes but for smuggling drugs into Australia.

Stephen Donnelly, 37, received a sentence of 6 years and 9 months in prison. The charges? For helping to smuggle ecstasy and cocaine in noodle containers.

It wasn’t just one noodle container worth of drugs either. As a matter of fact, Donnelly and three friends are responsible for nearly $700,000 worth of cocaine along with 5,000 MDMA tablets into Darwin, Australia. Police busted the three culprits last October. Reports say police intercepted one of the noodle packages that Donnelly requested to be picked up, resulting in their arrest.

“The message to drug traffickers is simple. Your business is not welcome here, and we will continue to use all resources available to dismantle your trade and bring you to justice.”- DECT SGT Stringer

In a hearing, Donnelly said “I totally accept, I am an absolute idiot”. Obviously he wished he just stayed with music. Thankfully, police were able to get the drugs off the street, likely saving many lives in the process. Law enforcement officials constantly work hard to track illegal drugs before they hit the public streets.