Gryffin has been making waves with his chart-topping collaboration with Illenium entitled ‘Feel Good‘, his summer track ‘Winnebago’ with Quinn XCII and his latest ‘Tie Me Down‘ with Elley Duhé. The feedback has been nothing but positive and fans have been eagerly waiting to see what else the American DJ has in store for the future.

Recently, his army of dedicated followers’ prayers have been answered as the New York City-born musician has happily welcomed the suggestion to team up with the very talented Ellie Goulding.

His fans are rejoicing at the idea and look forward to seeing if the English singer and songwriter will not only respond to the incredible suggestion, but also execute it. We truly believe that this would be a match made in musical perfection since Gryffin is known for his blissful and melodic sounds, and Ellie has undeniably stunning vocals.

Who would be your dream collaboration and why?